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6 Important Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

When choosing your wedding photographer, it can be daunting, especially because you are finding someone to capture one of the most important days of your lives!

Here are 6 questions to ask your wedding photographer:

Have you been to this venue before?

It’s absolutely not a problem if they haven’t! They should offer a site visit for you to scope the place out together to decide where you’d like your photo’s to be taken – they are YOUR photos after all so make sure you’re happy with the backgrounds chosen

Do you have insurance?

This is a must! If they ask you to sit down and you fall off the bench and break a bone, they must have the right cover to insure for that. Likewise if they ruin your dress, they must have the cover in place to solve that.

They need Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and usually cover the cost of their kit so if a guest were to spill alcohol all over it and it stops working, they have the cover to get it sorted.

Do you have an agreement or contract?

I am a firm believer everything should be in writing and agreed up front, we have agreements to ensure both parties are covered, just incase! This should include details such as what if your photographer is unwell on the day, what happens?!

You photographer should be able to go through this with you so if you have any questions, they can be answered right away. Generally you will have a copy to read over between you and then if you have questions, you can go through it. Mostly photographers tend to explain it before you receive it just so you know what to expect too. There should not be anything out of the ordinary in there. It should all be expected.

How does the payment work, do you require a deposit?

Most photographers will take a deposit to secure your date and the remainder is due 1 month prior. Ask about payment plans too, help spread the cost, it may mean you can go for the dream package!

How does the day work and how do you go about it?

Your photographer should and must know how a ‘typical’ wedding day runs, each wedding is unique but there are typical shots, like the group and portraits taken at the reception. Your photographer will be able to advise the best number of group shots to have, how they get them organised, how long they need for this, likewise for your portraits too.

Ultimately, you should both feel completely comfortable your photographer knows exactly what to expect and how to handle the photographs will confidence. There shouldn’t be any ‘photographer taking over’. There will be times when yes your photographer will need to speak up to organise the group photos, but that is it, there shouldn’t be any other part of your day ‘taken over’ by the photographs.

Do you charge extra for travelling between venues, for example if I get ready at home and travel to the church then venue will there be an additional cost?

Really important question, be sure you know everything up front so you are not surprised by hidden costs!

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