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Make sure you get all this photographed on your wedding day...

So, what is actually photographed on your wedding day? We spend months, if not years planning the perfect wedding day.

Having photographed many wonderful weddings and having been a Bride myself, I really understand what is important to have photographed and also understand how the day tends to plan out, here is our guide to getting the best aspects of your day photographed:

PREP PHOTOS The morning starts with your prep. As you are getting ready we set the scene with photographs of you and your bridesmaids enjoying a bottle of champagne, getting your hair and make-up done before you walk down the aisle. As you are getting ready, we hop over to meet the groom before the formalities begin and capture some family photographs as well as the enjoyment of a pint. Prep photos can start at anytime in the morning, we fit in around what you would like to be captured.

CEREMONY: Your ceremony lasts around half an hour, you can choose how you want to walk down the aisle, whether you want your bridesmaids first, or yourself, who you want to walk you down, whether it's you mum or dad or both, you can also choose if you'd like to see your partner before the ceremony, maybe you want to walk in together. You're both ready and about to walk down the aisle, we are ready and waiting at the front to get a great shot as you walk in, if you choose to have two photographers, we have one with the groom at the front and one at the back of the room capturing the emotion of the room, your partner and guests. We capture all the key aspects from the entrance to the readings, the vows, giving and receiving of wedding rings, the first kiss and the signing of the register. We have seen many couples choose to ask their guests not to take photos or use their phones until the registrar gives them the opportunity to get photos of you signing the register. Some ask guests not to post images on social media until a certain time.

The key thing to remember is it is your wedding day and if you don't want it all on social media, you may tell them, the registrar can make an announcement before your ceremony starts so you don't need to worry about it.

PORTRAITS As soon as you have signed the register, you both exit as husband and wife. We then sneak off for half an hour to take some beautiful photos while your guests enjoy their reception drink. We take you off straight away as everyone will want to see you and congratulate you, at this moment you are at your happiest, and you then get half an hour just to yourselves, we take those candid photographs from a distance so you can enjoy each others company.

GROUP PHOTOS: While we are taking your photographs, we ask for you to organise (in advance) a family member and/or friend to help round your guest up for your desired group photographs. The main reason to have group photographs is to ensure you get photos with key members of your family or friends that you 100% do not want to be missed. We recommend photos up to 10 group photos, have a list of 15 but 8- 10 you 100% want as you may find on your wedding day you don't want to wait around and you just want to get chatting or you may find it's been really easy to get everyone over and we can get all those 15+ that you wanted.

EVENING MEAL After your reception with your portraits and group photographs (which usually lasts around 2 hours) you will be called in for your evening meal. At this point we capture all those natural moments with your guests enjoying each other s company,. At some weddings we have seen magicians which makes for a great conversation and gets everyone involved around the table. We enjoy capturing everyones amazed expressions as the magician shows their awesome tricks. We capture photos of your food and cake (if it's on display)

SPEECHES You have the choice when you'd like to do your speeches. This is entirely up to you. Some couples decide to have speeches in between main and dessert and others decide to have speeches after the meal before tea and coffee.

Typically you have the Father of the Bride, Groom and Best Man. But remember it's up to you so you can have as many or few speeches as you like.

CAKE CUT & FIRST DANCE After your evening meal, often you have some time before the cake cut and evening kicks off, depending on when your evening guests arrive. Usually you cut your cake first and then have your first dance. Different venue's do this differently, sometimes the cake is moved to the dance floor so everything happens in one place.

PARTY TIME All formalities are now done and it's really time to relax and let your hair down. Depending on how long you have booked your photographer for they often finish after your first dance. The party shots are always good ones to capture with the energy and funky lighting from the DJ

LATE NIGHT PORTRAITS If you decide to have photography into the evening, often there is the chance to have late night portraits which can look awesome with completely different lighting to what you have had during the day. They are taken in and around the venue photographed using flash photography.

Send us a message to find out how we can capture your perfect wedding day because your photographs will last a lifetime, not just one day...

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